The Model Bank

The Model Bank has worked with a diverse range of clients from the worlds of media and publishing, fashion and hair care along with supplying models for exhibition work. The agency was launched by Birmingham business woman Diane Jones.

The Model Bank offer a website as a global and interactive method of presenting it’s portfolio, showing a wide selection of current work. It is however service delivery that is all important to The Model Bank. Far too many agencies promise much only to disappoint at the point of delivery.

The Model Bank work with their clients to ensure the models are carefully selected not only for the visual appeal but also in terms of personality and aptitude to ensure that the model is a perfect reflection of brand values.


“A great service for tight deadlines.”
Alex Shakespeare- Marie Claire

“It was refreshing to see that there were no hidden costs on our invoices.”
Stefano Ruozzi – (Fashion-line Italy)

Make your enquiry and book with confidence.