About Us

The Model Bank was formed in 2001, by former television producer Diane Jones.  Characterised by the ability to distinguish and nurture their newest talent, the Model Bank provides quality models for companies throughout the UK and internationally.

The Model Bank is realistic by focusing on quality rather than quantity. “We can guarantee that unlike some of the larger agencies, we have a close relationship with our girls and boys.  We know their strengths, weaknesses, limitations and aspirations, because they are handpicked with each model bringing a different dimension to our brand. I’ve worked in the creative and entertainment industry for a very long time and anyone who is anyone will tell you that in order to succeed you need swagger!   We’ve nervously watched the Model Bank evolve over the years and today I’m proud to say that we’re finally getting there.  Our models look like models!  We’re a boutique and we’re proud!” says Diane Jones. 

With a reputation for supplying strikingly beautiful models, the Model Bank offers free, simple advice to new and existing clients.  “Our clients come back because they love the personal touch and are always assured that we are working hard behind the scenes. Diane Jones says “I don’t know many agencies that are on call out of office hours.  We understand the concept of last minute bookings, deadlines but more importantly we know the significance of getting the right model with the perfect look!”